Dec. 13th, 2012

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From [personal profile] dingsi's FONSFAQ masterpost:
FONSFAQ stands for "Frequently (Or Not So Frequently) Asked Questions" (about a particular topic). Someone hosts a topic, preferably one per entry, and then in comments people can ask - i.e. leave prompts - or claim some issue relating to the topic that they have always wanted to explain/write about. The host then collects the links to all essays that people have written in reply to the prompts and everybody has a lot to read and learn! [personal profile] dingsi maintains the master list of FONSFAQs to date.

* Related community [community profile] fonsfaq
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Variations have been floating around at least since 2004 (if not earlier) on LJ; as [personal profile] nextian writes in a 2010 iteration, "Hilariously, the version going around has a bit about how no one remembers the actual wording". What all the iterations do share is a 'ask me anything and I will give you an honest answer' premise.

Two example variants behind the cut )
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Appears to have originated with [personal profile] havocthecat here; [personal profile] lettered's variation is as follows:
Pick a character I've written and I'll list the top ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing them that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.*

*I don't think it follows that if other people don't have those concepts in mind they're inaccurately depicting them. For what it's worth.


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